Battlemoor V… Last Photos and a tale

Yes, a tale. You made it through all those photos… So you deserve a giggle.

The porta potties are placed in various spots around camp. Those closest to us were on a bit of an incline. Enough that you worried about falling out…

Dan got up in the middle of the night over the weekend after consuming about a gallon of liquid. He’d not drunk enough, so ‘stocked up’ during dinner and just before bed. Predictable results… He had to visit the porta potties. It was late at night. He was Very Sleepy.

As luck would have it, he climbed into the most tilted one. He thought he locked the door. As he relaxed and relieved himself, he rested his head against the door. He hadn’t locked the door, and rolled out of the porta pottie and into the “street”. As luck would have it, no one was around. No one saw him hit the dirt.

So, he got up, dusted off his butt, pulled up his trews, finished the ‘job’, and came back to bed. He didn’t tell me until morning. Moral of this story… Always lock the loo door!



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Battlemoor V … The Oubliette Tournament.

You may remember me posting about a bespoke tunic I made. Well, this is the event and the tournament that it was made for. The knight who was considered most chivalrous got the tunic.

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Battlemoor V… another Album. :)

Pictures are wonderful. They show how life has changed, and reminds us of the fun we had. These are pictures of the two Courts and the many fighters. Dan also wrote a ditty as one court was so long.

The Tale of Battlemoor V

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful tent
That started from Walsenburg
To attend a fun event.

The king was a mighty knighted man,
The Queen was brave and pure.
The populace were in attendance
For a three hour court, a three hour court.

The weather started getting rough,
The tiny camp was tossed.
If not for the actions of the fearless bard,
The pavilion would be lost, the pavilion would be lost…

Anyone care to continue?

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Battlemoor V pics

This time, we visit the Fiber Tent during a guild meeting. And as usual, no pics of me.

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Battlemoor V

Ah what a lovely war! We got there on Wednesday, much to our relief. It has been a hectic month, and we really needed a bit of down time.

Thursday it rained. It was cold. But… we had a great time watching the Oubliette Tournament. Met a fighter named Bron, who gave Dan a length of bamboo for a sword. He may start fighting. He’s thinking about it. We didn’t party, but were in bed by 8:30pm. I heard the drummers at the party for oh… 10 seconds.

Friday we relaxed, visited with friends we hadn’t seen in a year. I took a class on Russian clothing and Dan took one on glove making. We visited the Shire Villaleon party and then headed home.

Saturday. I taught a darning class, visited and we went shopping. I got a new badge. Once again, we crashed early.

Sunday, I taught my nalbinding class in the afternoon. It went really well, and then we had the Fiber Guild meeting. After that, we dropped the tent. My friend Ceddwyn came down for the day. It was so good to see her.

Monday. Sad day. We packed up and were home by noon. :( We are 99% unpacked. I have a slight mound of laundry to do, but that’s about it. We are exhausted. I’ve posted pictures, and will do so here in a series of posts. There are 93 of them.

First up, Artisans Lane. Blacksmith’s shop, Medieval kitchen, a woodworking shop, classes and our tent. Oh, and Lothar de Sauvage. (aka Dan)

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Where did the time go?

I swear that every time I think I have a moment to write, “POOF!” it’s gone. And of course, now that means I get to play catch up. Where to begin? Umm… Oh yeah… House guests. They were with us for a month. It meant that life was a little crowded. I guess I’ll list some highlights.


Painted the north wall of the Wendy House. Plus, we did a few additions to the plumbing, cut down trees and added a bunch of stuff to the compost bins. We did a lot of yard work in the back as well. Trees trimmed, firewood stacked, stairs fixed, etc. I hope to have more pictures soon.

Wendy House work1I got a new desk. I’ve been wanting something with drawers, and we found a gem. A roll top desk.New Desk4

I did a lot of sewing as well. First off, I made Dan a Utility Kilt. :) Then I made a bespoke tunic for a tournament prize for Battlemoor. I did a lot of embroidery work on the Viking style tunic. I finished an under tunic as well, all hand sewn. I’m still working on two apron dresses.

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We had a LOT of rain as well. Some of it was so hard that it flooded the streets, and washed out alleys. On July 15th, we got over 2 inches of rain in less than an hour. Along with all the rain, we’ve had fog, mosquitos and lots of weeds! I think that we’ve hacked, chopped, mowed and composted enough for three bins.


Dan and I have been working on a wiring job for the school district. Lots of ladder work for him, and running around for me.

Our company found a house and we cleaned house. :) This was in preparation for Morgan finally arriving home. The Fuck up Fairy had done a number on that process, and were growing tired of delays. Daniel is also moving into an apartment in Pueblo, which means that the house will soon be back to it’s less crowded state.

On Sunday, we helped at a benefit concert for the Spanish Peaks Celtic Music Festival. Dan helped with sound and I helped where ever Barbara Yule needed me. The concert musician was Carlos Nunez. The music was wonderful. The venue was full, and everyone was happy. After the concert, we drove to Fowler to pick up Morgan. We saw 26 owls, a fox, a badger, frogs, and rabbits. Unfortunately, we hit two of the owls in spite of trying to avoid them. Morgan is very glad to be home, and we are happy too.

Last, but not least, we’ve been enjoying our new superintendent, Michael Moore. He is such a change from our last one. He likes getting things done and we are moving forward as a school district for the first time in ages! I attended the staff in-service day and it was wonderful. Laughter, good ideas, lots of sharing and in general, a feeling of hope and progress.



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“Air you can Wear!”

It was indeed. Last Thursday, (June 26th) we headed to Indianapolis, Indiana. Why? Well, we had a conference to attend. Mach 30’s Apogee. Club Cyberia, the maker space there was hosting it. As we 1) didn’t have money for airplane tickets and 2) had WAY too much stuff to put on a plane, we drove.

1014 miles, give or take a few, one way. We stopped in Fulton Missouri for the night and then drove the rest of the way on Friday. We met up with the Mach 30 bunch. J. Simmons, Maureen, Greg, Jeremy, and some of the Club Cyberia makers. Dinner and conversation until we were exhausted. It was also So Humid! One lady on the news said it was “the air you can wear” and she was so right!

Saturday morning, Mach 30 had meetings and I sewed on my contract tunic. (For a Battlemoor tournament) I also visited an estate sale and got two really cool baskets for $10. IMG_0056That evening, we had an awards ceremony and Dan got Volunteer of the Year. He was so surprised. :) Then we watched 2001.

Sunday, I stayed in the room, as I had an asthma attack. Dan was gone most of the day and we ate at Texas Roadhouse with everyone.

Monday, more of the same. This time it was Olive Garden for dinner.

Tuesday, we headed home. We stopped in St. Louis and we saw the Arch. Went all the way to the top of it no less. :) It was so cool! We spent the night in Hays Kansas.

Wednesday, we got home and went right into work. Dan had an appointment and I had school board stuff to do.

This weekend we are recovering from our trip. Relaxing, cleaning up and hopefully, we will get some work done on the Wendy House. We also have temporary house guests. They’ll be with us until they find a house.

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