Wildlife adventures

Life has been interesting around here. We’ve had deer so close that Dan has smacked them on the butt to get them out of the stairwell. Dan took these pictures without using the telephoto setting.  This buck was less than 8ft from our house.

Buck next to the house
Buck next to the house
The rest of the herd
The rest of the herd

Then there is the big cat that was in the backyard last night. Not sure if it was a bobcat or a lynx, but it was not a housecat! The dogs wouldn’t even go outside. Oh, and the skunks have been trying to mate under the house. Ugggghhhh!

Finally, we have been having issues with our one dog, Brandy. She is a mixed breed. German shepard and ??? We figure coyote. Why? Just look at the pictures and see. Our biggest problem is keeping a collar on her! Even the local animal control officer thought she was a coyote. sigh… Oh, and she howls and chatters just like one too!


3 thoughts on “Wildlife adventures

  1. rozewolf

    Yes, it is hard to get close. What I didn’t post were the pics about 5 further on when the buck had had enough and was getting peeved with Dan. He got one last picture and then moved!

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