Transformation of a bedroom!

For nearly three years, I have dealt with a horrid paint job in the bedroom. I’ve dreamed of various things that I wanted to do with the room. We even found dragonflies lights and pins to use. Worst thing was the wait. Too damn cold.  This week with the warm weather, I finally said to hell with it. We bought paint and attacked the room.

This is what it use to look like:

Now it looks like this:

We did new paint on the walls and the doors. New door handles and then the cloud of fabric on the ceiling. Onto that went two strings of dragonfly lights and lots of dragonfly pins to hold the fabric up as needed. Then a canopy which is tented and held up with ties on the wall. I love laying in bed with the lights on!!!!


2 thoughts on “Transformation of a bedroom!

  1. nilla

    OMG!!! That is *gorgeous*!!!! i have those same lights, btw. Kewl!

    love the color blue of the woodwork…what a peaceful haven!


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