Our Girl Strikes Again!

On Wednesday, we went up to Gardner for the Open House. This was for the science fair as well as the Voices of the Past presentation. Morgan got a 1st prize for her science fair project. She made an electricity generator. Water falling through a copper loop to generate spark, in the style of a Kelvin water dropper. She and Dan built it.

Then the Voices of the Past presentation. This is an oral history project that has been going on in Huerfano county since 1993. Students interview people who have lived in the county for at least 20 years and write a story up based on the interview. As the representative of the Huerfano World Journal, I got to hand out the prizes. 🙂 Better yet, Morgan won first prize!

This weekend, Morgan gets to go to La Junta for the regional Science Fair. We drop her off in a few hours and then we are heading to Pueblo for a bit of shopping. 🙂

The slide show has pictures of Morgan’s science fair board, Morgan and Douglas, the man she interviewed, all the winners, and Liz Schneider, the 7th & 8th grade teacher.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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