Dust Storm!

Yesterday got a little windy. In fact, it sounded like it was raining… that tap-tap-tap of raindrops got my attention. I looked out the front door and realized that there were no mountains. (yah… no Spanish Peaks!) Then I realized that the cloud was actually dust. The Cuchara Ridge disappeared as did Ideal Road. That’s when we realized that the dust was really flying.

Dan and I ran to close doors and windows as the dust/sand poured in with the wind. It was nasty! It sounded like rain, but it was dirt and dust hitting the house. I’m sure that the windows on the west side are etched.

About an hour after it started, the wind settled down and we could once more see Ideal Road. It took a bit longer and by sunset, we could see the Spanish Peaks again. Every surface we touched had a fine layer of dust. Ugh!


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