Celtic Music

When I’m not gardening, dealing with life in grand and sometimes painful chunks, I do website work. Part of our one business, LoboSavvy. Today we had a board meeting for the Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival. I’m on the board and 1/2 of the Computer/Website team. Dan is the other. I do the ‘pretty stuff’, and he does all the nuts and bolts work.

We have two websites that we administer. First off, there is the Piper’s retreat. It takes a lot of lung capacity to play pipes at this altitude, but oh do they sound grand. This is the first year. They decided to give pipers a retreat as the harp retreat is so successful.

Then there is the main festival site. The SPICMF, also known as the Celtic Music Festival is in it’s 11th year. Last night we did a fund raiser for the festival. It was a performance of the play, “For Tomorrow We May Die”. It wasn’t as well attended as we’d hoped. sigh… However, there is another fund raiser in August.

This year, we are having Carlos Nunez as our top performer. It’s going to be a really good festival. We also have Daimh, (pronounced Dive) and The MacDonald Sisters. Go check out the website. Better yet, come to the festival.

SPC take 3c (1)


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