Turning and Burning

Life has been crazy. I think I have the website all copied. I think. I haven’t had time to check everything out. Why? Well… ummm…

Celtic Music Festival. It was great. We were busy. I have tons of pics to still sort through. The Washington School theater worked wonderfully. I had two issues. First was the wind during the 6th Street Hooley. 60mph gusts. Dan had to run the sound board and hold the speakers upright. Next was the sound tech for the High Kings. Contractually, we couldn’t talk to him and tell him how to use the building to the best use. So, while the music was good, the concert could have been so much better.

School Board stuff… I got an award! The McGuffy Award. it’s for excellence in boardmanship.


Next… Picking up life after the festival. Oh my… The garden, the house, Mom’s house… Between Battlemoor and the Festival, I swear that trolls came through and wrecked havoc. Plus, we are beginning to see cooler nights. I think it was about 37F this morning.

So, as I continue to pick up, I will be checking the new site. Once I’m certain that all the posts are there, I’ll notify everyone.


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