Happy Anniversary!

According to WordPress, this is my 9th anniversary. 🙂 I feel like I’ve been a bit absent of late, but oh life has been busy. In the midst of moving this blog over to a self hosted one, life went sideways. (gee, doesn’t it always?) I was trying not to post too much while I checked to make certain that everything transferred. Silly me.

Then we had company for a week. After that, our SCA event, A Day in the Shire arrived. I will post about that, with pictures. Soon.

Then the elections. I was volunteering with the Democratic party and working to get 3A, our school district mill levy override passed. Election night… We had a school board meeting. I hung out at the Democratic election night event, and ended up coming home around 9:30. We didn’t get any results on local elections until nearly midnight. 3A and 300 (a local issue to remove the police force and have only a sheriff’s department) passed.

The next day, November 9th was my 57th birthday. It was also my great grandparent’s 102nd wedding anniversary.

Life in general has been filled with meetings, dentist and doctor appointments, house repairs (yeah, still…) garden work, working every little job we can for money, and everything else we try to get done. My brain boggles. We had a wind storm on Thursday that actually damaged the Tiny Viking Longhouse and tore off our gate. (5×4!) Thursday was also the One Room School House celebration up in Gardner. Three other SCA members and I visited, as their theme this year was Castles and Knights. It was a great day. Saturday we had a really good shire meeting and fighter practice. Dan even put armor on. He discovered that he really does want to start fighting again. We are going to be making armor over the winter.

Sunday we drove up to Denver and picked up Morgan at her moms. Then we picked up a big cabinet at my sister’s. It now lives in the library full of DVD’s and soon it will have a screen there too.

Today has been a bit strange. A year ago, my ex died and I inherited a house. Wednesday is our 1st wedding anniversary. Thursday is Thanksgiving.

I’m ready to climb into bed and just stay there for a bit.


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