And Another Anniversary

You might have guessed if you’d read between the lines a year ago. Or, maybe you didn’t. In April of last year, when my dad died, we watched my mom struggle. We were floored by the lack of rights for a common law marriage partner when my ex died. On the way home that Friday after seeing him, Dan and I had a little discussion. This was a continuation of a long discussion that we’d had before and yet not acted upon. We could hear that clue x 4 swinging in the wind.

Neither of us had ever been bothered by a lack of paper. It just didn’t matter. It didn’t change things. However, on the way home, we discussed that maybe, just maybe that while it didn’t matter to us, on another level it did. Dan looked at me at about Hatchet Ranch on I-25 and said, “Do ya?” I looked at him. “Yeah.” So typical for us.

On Monday, when we were in the Clerk’s Office looking up the legal paperwork for the house, he turned to me again. “Still want to?” “Yes” I replied. So, we did all the paperwork. Signed it and turned it back in to be registered.

And in case you still haven’t figured out what went on… We got married. Today is our first anniversary.

Keep in mind that we’ve been common law for 12 years before that, but… amazing what a little piece of paper can do.


3 thoughts on “And Another Anniversary

  1. Honourscot

    Thank goodness for Scotland our law has its flaws but here a common law partner has the same legal rights as a spouse. Hope you have another year to add to the ones you have had only better in any way you wish it to be.

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