The electric company men showed up around 9am. By noon, we had power! Wheeee! They still want us to upgrade the inner wiring, but that will have to wait a bit.

We called the City about the sewer line issue. We finally got them to come out to the house. The sewer has been almost as much of an issue as the electricity. After the looking at the various cleanouts, they decided that it was our neighbor’s line that was clogging things up. (gee!) So, Dan will be cleaning out the lines on Thursday. 😦 Poor guy.

And… The cable company that provides our internet will be at the house on Thursday as well. The electrical wires burned 1/2 way through the internet cable. We have sketchy internet, and there was a lot of “noise” on the line.

As of January 1st, we will have been in possession of the house a whole year. We have about 85% of the repairs done. With more funding, we will finally be able to finish up the last of the repairs.

On New Year’s Eve, we are attending a party. An SCA Yoolis party. We are both looking forward to it.


Almost the end of the year

December has been a busy month. It started out with electrical work, and it looks as it will be ending with it as well. (more on that at the end) December 2nd, the electrical company had a scheduled power outage. It was a little hectic as Mom is on oxygen, but we survived. I had a few meetings too.

The next week was the annual Colorado Association of School Boards Winter Conference. It’s held at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Dan and I went up a day early as the Pre-Conference started at 7:30am. The first day was busy and ended with the Delegate Conference. I ran for the CASB Board of Directors. This time, I made it!


The rest of the conference went well, and we got home on Sunday only to get ready for another busy week. Dan has been working in Trinidad, and I’ve been working on a bespoke tunic. Lots of embroidery work. We had a long board meeting and preparations for the holidays.

Wednesday was Dentist day. I had four teeth pulled and Dan had a deep cleaning and a filling done. I wasn’t happy about it, but the broken tooth I lost about a year ago damaged my jaw. Argh. In two weeks, they will fit me for a partial. I finally rid of a tooth that has been broken for nearly 20 years too! On the 16th, the wind howled. A gust hit the Tiny Viking Longhouse and blew it apart. 😦


The next day it snowed. We got at least a foot of powdery snow.


Yule was spent sewing and attending the Gardner School Holiday program. It was really good. The 12 days of Christmas was a riot. We were suppose to have a holiday party with the school district, but it was canceled because inclement weather. Funny part is that while the weather was bad in the morning, by dinner time it was just fine.

We picked Morgan up in Colorado Springs and my sister and her husband came down from Littleton. They are staying at Mom’s, so we’ve been sleeping at the Walsen house. Christmas Eve dinner was rigatoni. We took a break from tradition and had tacos and tamales for dinner on Christmas Day. I made sopapillas for dessert. Bill and Morgan had to work today, so they headed north after dinner. My sister Lori is staying down here for a few days.

Now for that other electrical issue. The last few days have been windy. Christmas Eve was windy. Christmas morning was worse. 45 mph winds with gusts up to 65 mph. We were getting ready to head over to Mom’s when the power blinked. It blinked again. I called Mom to see if her power was out, as she is on oxygen. I just started to talk to my sister when Dan yelled for me to call 911, as the power lines to the house had snapped. Oh Shit! 

We called 911, and they said that they would call the electric company. We were to watch the one wire from a distance, and if there were sparks, to call again and request the fire department. We waited and watched the wires. 30 minutes later, the sparks started flying as the one wire had wrapped around the two remaining wires. The fire department and the police were there in under 10 minutes. No sign of the electrical company.

We stood outside in the 45 mph winds watching the wires. We were afraid of the big tree catching fire. The wires pass through a cut back area of the tree as they reach the house. 30 more minutes pass. The police and fire department make another request. Two hours after the original call, the electrical company shows up.

By this time, Dan is just a little peeved. The electrical worker was a little snarky and asked why Dan hadn’t just done the job, as he knew so much. (Dan is an Electrical Engineer and had started to explain in detail what was happening.) Dan explained why he hadn’t done the electrical company’s job, and then really gave the guy an earfull. Why? Well… About 45 days ago, we’d called the electrical company because we were concerned about the wires. There was insulation missing as they’d been there for at least 50 years. We’d been concerned that in the winds that we’ve been having that the wires would touch and cause either an outage or a fire. The electrical company had come by, looked and said they were fine. That there would be no issues and that they wouldn’t change out the wires until we did an electrical upgrade on the house.

It was the same engineer. He cut the wires and then made arrangements to replace the damaged wires on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed that they do the job right.