I fell off the Blog!

Yes, it is now JULY. I’ve been busy, and feel like life ran over me. I started this post a month ago… What stalled me? My mom got pneumonia, and spent 11 days in hospital. Since she got out, we’ve been playing catch up on a grand scale. Lots of meetings. Lots of crazy weather. Time for a synopsis…

January: SCA Yoolis Party in Pueblo.  January 1st was the 1 year anniversary of us being in the house at 203 Walsen. I attended the CASB Board of Directors retreat which was great. Our pipes froze and destroyed the kitchen sink taps. We fixed things with help from friends. Viking Vinter Vunderlad!!! I cooked the feast and received an award. I am now a Companion of the Argent Hart. The event was awesome. We visited my son and family in Cheyenne. Lots of school issues too. We have a failing school to get back on track. Sewage, cable and weather issues drove us nuts. Lots of snow (10+ inches) and WIND! We lost our roof when the winds topped 100 mph.

February: Attended the CASB Winter Legislative Conference. Did a lot of school orientated work. I refurbished a sewing trunk I’ve had for 38 years. Dealt with more snow and icy conditions, and got to start work in the garden when it warmed up. Worked on the house doing electrical work, painting and replacing heater panels, and assessing more winter damage. I organized our tool room too.

March: Dan and I attended the National School Board Conference as it was in Denver this year. It was a lot of fun. After the conference, we went to the Viking Exhibit at the Museum of Natural History and Science. Wow! It was fantastic. Oh, and more crazy weather. 80 one day and 33 the next with nearly a foot of snow. Mustn’t forget the meetings… OMG!  (school board, CASB board, and a zillion others) We did start a new group though… Huerfano County United. It’s for all of us who want to see change in the county. Big one… my computer died. Dan gave it CPR, and I was back up in about two days. Lots of yard work, trash dump runs, hemmed curtains, two truck loads to the ARC, and more house work.

April: A busy SCA month. It started with Kingdom Arts & Sciences Collegium. We took classes and had a great time. Aarquelle became a Barony. (SCA stuff) We attended the event in Pueblo which almost got canceled due to the snow!( 12inches+) I made the kneelers for the Barony. We have started to go back to fighter practices and Arts & Science nights in Pueblo. Celebrated the 2nd anniversary of my dad’s death by cleaning up Lathrop State Park on April 22nd. And… we had HCU, school board and all sorts of other meetings.

May: The crazy month. Three graduations, a trip to stand before the State Board of Education, negotiations, and lots of meetings. Spring Coronation in Colorado Springs. Wonderful Event. Discussed the future of our shire, Villaleon with the King. We have decided to become part of the Barony of Aarquelle.  The rain held off until the last tournament. 🙂 Hail! Just when we thought the last of the crazy weather was over. (rain, flooding, etc.) I rolled my ankle/foot. Ouch! Garden work… Lots of it as weather permitted. Best of all, we got Saydee. She’s a rescue dog. Pure bred German Shepherd. She failed military training and was abused. She is the sweetest dog.

June: More negotiations with the teacher’s union. We thought we had it all figured out, but… it took one more time. We attended the 103rd Ludlow Memorial Service. It wasn’t heavily attended, but still good. Garden work… I gave up on the big garden. The weather and all the dreck of life just made it impossible. So, I have a small garden. Now to see if the weather let’s it live. Mom in and out of hospital. Scary. CASB board of directors meeting, final judgement from the State Board of Education, lots of meetings, workshops and issues for the district. We picked up 20+ bags of trash off of a mile of highway with the HCU group.


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