Happy Anniversary!

According to WordPress, this is my 9th anniversary. ūüôā I feel like I’ve been a bit absent of late, but oh life has been busy. In the midst of moving this blog over to a self hosted one, life went sideways. (gee, doesn’t it always?)¬†I was trying not to post too much while I checked to make certain that everything transferred. Silly me.

Then we had company for a week. After that, our SCA event, A Day in the Shire arrived. I will post about that, with pictures. Soon.

Then the elections. I was volunteering with the Democratic party and working to get 3A, our school district mill levy override passed. Election night… We had a school board meeting. I hung out at the Democratic election night event, and ended up coming home around 9:30. We didn’t get any results on local elections until nearly midnight. 3A and 300 (a local issue to remove the police force and have only a sheriff’s department) passed.

The next day, November 9th was my 57th birthday. It was also my great grandparent’s 102nd wedding anniversary.

Life in general has been filled with meetings, dentist and doctor appointments, house repairs (yeah, still…) garden work, working every little job we can for money, and everything else we try to get done. My brain boggles. We had a wind storm on Thursday that actually damaged the Tiny Viking Longhouse and tore off our gate. (5×4!) Thursday was also the One Room School House celebration up in Gardner. Three other SCA members and I visited, as their theme this year was Castles and Knights. It was a great day. Saturday we had a really good shire meeting and fighter practice. Dan even put armor on. He discovered that he really does want to start fighting again. We are going to be making armor over the winter.

Sunday we drove up to Denver and picked up Morgan at her moms. Then we picked up a big cabinet at my sister’s. It now lives in the library full of DVD’s and soon it will have a screen there too.

Today has been a bit strange. A year ago, my ex died and I inherited a house. Wednesday is our 1st wedding anniversary. Thursday is Thanksgiving.

I’m ready to climb into bed and just stay there for a bit.


Turning and Burning

Life has been crazy. I think I have the website all copied. I think. I haven’t had time to check everything out. Why? Well… ummm…

Celtic Music Festival. It was great. We were busy. I have tons of pics to still sort through. The Washington School theater worked wonderfully. I had two issues. First was the wind during the 6th Street Hooley. 60mph gusts. Dan had to run the sound board and hold the speakers upright. Next was the sound tech for the High Kings. Contractually, we couldn’t talk to him and tell him how to use the building to the best use. So, while the music was good, the concert could have been so much better.

School Board stuff… I got an award! The McGuffy Award. it’s for excellence in boardmanship.


Next… Picking up life after the festival. Oh my… The garden, the house, Mom’s house… Between Battlemoor and the Festival, I swear that trolls came through and wrecked havoc. Plus, we are beginning to see cooler nights. I think it was about 37F this morning.

So, as I continue to pick up, I will be checking the new site. Once I’m certain that all the posts are there, I’ll notify everyone.

A busy summer so far

We’ve been doing a lot of gardening between the two houses. It has been very hard to bring back the yard at 203. Pruning, digging, planting, digging, mowing, digging. You get the picture. I’ll post pics when I have a bit more done. We had some really windy days, and my rose trellis snapped. argh. I’ve sort of fixed it, but it needs totally redone, which won’t happen until the fall when I trim back the rose bush.

There’s been a lot of work as well. Dan has been doing a wiring job for the school district. I’ve been doing sewing. I’ve also repaired two chairs. Check it out!

Life has been busy with SCA meetings, SCA beledi dance and bobbin lace classes, School board stuff and the Huerfano RE-1 Schools Foundation. We are working on a mill levy overide to provide more money for our school district. In order to make it a bit more sustainable, we are setting up a foundation that can raise money any time for the schools. If you’d like to contribute, you can send a check to the Huerfano RE-1 Schools Foundation care of the Huerfano RE-1 School District, 201 E. 5th, Walsenburg, CO. 81089.

Destruction of the front yard

Or, how I spent most of my day gardening.

Today was gardening day. Or, destruction of the mess formerly known as the front yard. Yes, I had done some work previously, but the rains and lack of time means that things got away from me. The weeds were 10 inches high. So was the grass. Argh! I started working around 8am. Once I figured out the weed eater’s quirks, I began to trim around bushes and plants. I figured that it would be good to do so before Dan began to mow.

I took a break around 10am, and Dan¬†was working on a video. Just as he started, someone began mowing. Much to our surprise, our neighbor had brought out his “bush hog” mower and was cutting our grass and weeds! It was wonderful, and considering all that we had to do, a life saver.

After lunch, Dan and I worked on making the tree out front happier. When the tree was planted, they put big rocks and gravel around it. It was Not Happy. So, we pulled all the gravel back, moved the stones and then added more dirt. It is now a much happier tree. The other one is trying to come back as well.

I worked on two side beds and a few other bits while Dan mowed most of the back yard. We are exhausted. Happy, but exhausted.

A good weekend

We spent the night on Friday! It was lovely. We hope to do this more often.windowview

Saturday I worked on various projects upstairs while Dan continued to sort through stuff in his office. He was suppose to have a meeting, but it didn’t pan out. I’m starting to actually work on projects too! I’m switching printers with Dan so that I can use the scanner and copier to make patterns for various things.

Sunday I got a lot accomplished while Dan was off working the Tannahill Weaver concert in La Veta.

I started off the morning working on the guest room. Reorganizing the closet was first. It now is home to 8 tubbies of SCA gear, holiday tubbies, and odds and ends that I just don’t know what to do with at the moment. I put a few things up on Walsenburg Freecycle too. Then I moved tubbies to our room. Photos, family papers, etc. I organized the closet to hold things a bit better.

Tackling the desk and paperwork was next. I didn’t realize how disorganized I’d gotten during the crazy “box up everything and stuff it in storage” move a year ago. I sorted papers, threw things away and filed other papers in logical spots. I wrote up minutes, and updated a few websites as well.

Last of all, I refurbished three stools that were left her. I spray painted over nasty green paint and then tung oiled the tops. I think that they will look pretty good in the studio or library.


It has been a while since I last posted. We’ve been busy. Between meetings, trips to Pueblo and work, we have not done as much work on the house as we would have liked. However, All the painting upstairs is done. All light fixtures, sockets and switches are repaired. Even better, we have unpacked boxes and decorated!

One of the first things that we have noticed is the lack of furniture. We have 3-4 chairs that need repaired, but the rooms are just a tad empty. It isn’t a bad thing, as it will allow us to find those gems that should go in the house. On our list are more book cases, a washer, a fridge, a mattress and box spring and a stove. We’ve been promised a stove and it may arrive this week. It’s propane, which will require a bit of reworking of the pipes, but it will be nice.

This week we have also started working on the back yard. We are organizing the trash to haul it off and our neighbor is giving us a bunch of dirt, as he is widening his driveway. ūüôā One corner of the yard will become a compost pile and oh will it be full by the end of the month.

Here are the latest pictures. Some of the rooms are sort of difficult to photograph.

My Studio!!!

I finished up putting everything in place today. PHEW! It felt so good to get everything in that room put where it needs to be. The only thing not there is my desk, which will go on the wall were the table is leaning against the wall. I won’t be moving it until we have internet at the house.

Here are the pictures. Dan needs to cut me a piece of board to mount my cutting mat on, and then I will be able to layout fabric. The first two pictures is what the area looked like before we cleaned. The last pictures are what it looks like today.

Of lumberjacks and interior decorations…

Today while I installed fixtures in the bathroom and tidied up things, Dan and Dayne cut back branches on two trees. We are due to have 60 to 80 mph winds tomorrow, and both of the trees had branches that rubbed on the house. I was sorry to have to trim them, but… it was needed.

Tomorrow while the wind blows and Dan fixes computers, I will be doing touch up work in the bathroom and begin to ready the kitchen and breakfast nook for paint! Once those rooms are painted, I can start unpacking a lot of boxes! Wheee!


Yesterday was cold! We got about 4-5 inches of snow, and the sun slipped in and out of the clouds all day. Yet we had a wonderful surprise. Visitors! Granted, they were rather shy and just walked around the yard, but it was great. Pics below.

It was cold in the house today, and we lit our first fire in the fireplace. It was a little smokey, but we figured we’d need to clean the fireplace. Dan finished fixing the stairs, so the trip to the basement is no longer an accident waiting to happen. The paint in the library dried, and I will need to do a second coat. The bathroom needs a second coat as well. Once that is done, and a few touch ups are made in the guest room, we will begin to move things into place. Book cases, books, and furniture. We will be moving tools into the furnace/tool room as well. The house is really looking good.


We were sorting through some papers this evening and I found one of the appraisals for the house which had dimensions. I realize that it is sort of difficult to understand just how big this house is from the pictures. It is 1627 sq.ft on the main level of the house.

Living room  21 x 15     Dining room 15 x 13.5     Breakfast nook 7.5 x 13

Kitchen 15.5 x 11      Guest bedroom 15 x 11     Master bedroom 13 x 15.5

Library 13 x 15.5     Bathroom 8 x 11     Hall 19 x 3

The basement is finished and divided up into a main area, laundry room and furnace room. It covers an area 34 x 30. (1020 sq.ft) There is also a detached garage (367 sqft), a small balcony off of the dining room, a covered front porch and a front balcony. (365 sq.ft.) ¬†That’s a grand total of 3,379 sq.ft. ¬†(314 sq meters)

This is a far cry from our wee Wendy House.

dsc04266 dsc04267

These pictures are from 2007, but it’s what it looks like right now with the snow we had a few days ago. And yes, the pink exterior paint will be going away as well. ūüôā