Pattern Sources

Rather than try and link 4 years of internet searches, I’m going to give you a few of the highlights. These are the sources I return to again and again.

Hurstwic has been a great source of information. Trews, tunics, hats and lots of additional clothing information. The whole site is well worth a look.

Men’s trousers. This site is another treasure trove.

Trim This site discusses silk trim and other decorations, as does this one.

Measurements. They are always tricky. This site , an Elizabethan Smock Generator has good measurements. This PDF, at page 60 has a chart that works as well as giving a wealth of information.

I use a Finnish version of the undertunic. Once again, the best site is here. The pattern is very simple and very adaptable.

And then there is the apron dress. To start with, there is this site.  My favourite is this one.  The measurements are spot on. This site, has the best cutting layout though.

For general pictorial information, Pinterest,  Bork Vikinghavn  or The Viking Answer Lady are all great.


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