A question…

Do you think I should shift all of my SCA stuff, and the clothing things found under the one page to a new blog? or leave it here?




You know it’s been too long since you’ve updated your blog when you have to double check your login AND password. Gads. The last four months of 2018 were a mix of joy and hell. So get comfy, grab a cup of tea and read on.

September.Β  There was a lot of clearing out at my mom’s house. Lots of plants to move, things to sort and worse yet, issues on where to put stuff at our house. I swear every cupboard is overflowing. Then there was Fall Crown Tourney. Wow! What a marathon. I had 6 people to help with the prep. We did a Middle Eastern feast. It went very well, and about the only thing I would do is pre-cook the kabobs next time. Oh, and I did the whole thing hobbling, because I was having foot issues. (more on this later)

Next up was the death of my computer. 😦 I wore my Dell laptop out. Dan gave me a stop gap computer. We got a new car as well. A new to us car. πŸ™‚ Then I got sick. Due to a disagreement with a podiatrist, I got an infection and lost 2/3rds of my left big toe. (on my mom’s birthday)Β  I got out of hospital just in time for the first of the big concerts for the Celtic Music Fest. It was grand this year. I got to meet Moya Brennan of Clannad. ahhhhhh!

We got a new washer and dryer, as we’d been using Mom’s for the last few years. Wow! How they have changed. It’s a front loader. We ended the month with a visit from my sister-in-law Judy and her sweetie.

October.Β  Β  We started out the month with a lovely visit with my son Stefan. I also got to see Raven and Talon, Bryan’s kids. I’d seen Kouei last month. We had lots of Arts & Sciences nights (SCA) and mid month we had a fundraiser/SCA event. Small, but very nice.

I also changed podiatrists after more arguments over care of my toe. The new one is a dream and we spent a lot of time on the road to Denver, but is is so worth it. I’m getting use to counting to 9 & 1/3. I have no trouble walking, and life goes on.

I also lost the ‘new’ computer. It just couldn’t keep up with me. 😦 So, iteration 2 came online. We started getting snow, so I harvested the last of the herbs out of the garden. Oh it smelled lovely as they dried. The fun of having lost weight hit as I dug out the winter clothes. New wardrobe time. Have I mentioned I hate shopping? I ended up with 4 big bags that went to the ARC. Another reason for the new clothes was a CASB event. All my dress clothes simply hung on me. So, new stuff, including a coat!

I also went down to St. Golias for Queen’s Prize, an SCA event held this year in Sorroco N.M. It was a great couple of days. We ended the month with a cold, snowy Halloween! Brrrr!

November.Β  Β I got my own server and UPS for my yet again New computer. This one should survive my power user habits. πŸ™‚ I had to re-arrange my desk a bit, but that’s okay. I had to work on the mess that is my studio as well. I celebrated my 59th birthday and went out to dinner. πŸ™‚

We did a bunch of yard work, fixed the chimney issue and worked on sorting more stuff with my sister. I marvel at how much stuff my mom had in that little house!

Thanksgiving week was busy. Lots of test cooking for an SCA feast, Tday with two more people in the house and a party with our SCA household. The event, Harvest Fest went well. I got an award, The Aarquelle Sun and Mountain, for my artistic talents. I cooked the feast and in general, had a great time. I even finished the 14th Century gown that I’d been taking in like a madwoman!

November 28th, our SCA family lost a man who’d been king, a great fighter, dad and all round human being. Jarl Leif will be missed.

December.Β  Hell month. We had to work the day of Lief’s funeral. Then a quick turnaround as I had the big CASB Annual Conference. Everything was more difficult, as one car was down and Dan was feeling ill. Ill enough that he stayed home from work.

Tuesday, he still felt bad and we went to the emergency room, as he was worried he was having a heart attack. The local hospital treated him like it was too, but things didn’t add up. so, as he was an “atypical cardiac patient” they sent him to Memorial in Colorado Springs by ambulance. I went home, packed all my stuff for the conference which was in the same city and then headed north. Dan was on the cardiac ward when I got there. Feeling okay, but not good. They let him eat, gave him heparin, and then things got weird. First off, he was having twitches. Really bad ones. We were told that wasn’t anything to do with the meds they were giving him. Then we decided to sleep. I was in the room with him. About 20 minutes later, he woke up, and called the nurse saying he felt dizzy, cold and clammy. While they checked him out, he coded. They thumped him in the chest and that brought him back. Up to ICU we went, as he was “Atypical”.

When I finally got into the ICU room with him, things had changed a little. While they were giving him a check up, and more blood thinners, there was another small near-code. The doctor was concerned, and asked Dan if he had had any other symptoms. Yes, Dan explained that he’d had tarry stools, but they didn’t look bloody. He got no farther when the doctor grabbed and pinched off the IV. Dan had been bleeding internally, and all the heparin and the nitroglycerin before had been making him worse! (yeah…. like a heart attack) So, 23 liters of saline and 2 whole units of blood later, he was feeling much better. He was taken out of ICU and put on the cardiac ward.

I went to my hotel, slept and went to the first day of the CASB event, because there was nothing I could do at the hospital while Dan awaited an upper GI test. he knows me well enough that he knew I’d be more of a mess at the hospital, than if I was somewhere and being ‘on task’.

Over the next few days, while I was at CASB as much as I could cope, Dan had lots of tests. The upper GI showed that he had a massive H-Pylori infection. Lots of scar tissue, and the GI doctor was amazed that he was in as good a condition as he was. As there had been a misdiagnosis, they also checked his heart. They found he has a genetic thickening of the lower left part of his heart, and an artery that is 99% clogged. They couldn’t do anything about it until the stomach was healed though, as a stent would require 6 to 12 months of blood thinners. The CASB Board and all of my friends kept me glued together. We didn’t mention it on Facebook at all. Not with Leif just dying and most of Dan’s friends being SCAers.

After we got home, Dan took it easy and we got ready for Yule. Madison came home from the Army and was here for two weeks. We had our big SCA Yoolis party, hauled firewood, saw Aquaman, Mary Poppins Returns and one other movie. December 29th, our newest grandchild arrived a month early. John David Thomas. We got to go visit him and his parents, Daniel and Brenna.Β  We celebrated New Year’s with some quiet time and a final appliance casualty. Our fridge died. 😦

January.Β  Β A new fridge, a new keyboard and back to our usual craziness. We built a compost bin in the back yard and did a bit of roofing work. I’ve learned to use a nail gun and a reciprocating saw. We built a four section raised bed that will be a cold frame eventually too. We have spent lots of time on the road with various doctor’s appointments. The local cardiologist reminds us of Lurch from the Adam’s Family and inspires no confidence. Neither does the local physician’s assistant we see.Β sigh.

On one of the trips, we stopped at IKEA, and I got velvet curtains and a rod for the front door. No more drafts! πŸ™‚ We’ve been doing a lot of little house repair/cleanup jobs too. When the weather has been bad, I’ve been working in the studio making spoons, repairing things and sewing. I have this baby quilt to make…

January 19th was Viking Vinter Vunderland with SNOW this year! It was a lovely time up at Pueblo Mountain Park. I got my Flower of the Outlands from Queen Slaine. πŸ™‚

We’ve had lots of interesting weather over the last couple of months. Snow, ice, wind… I had a doctor’s appointment on the 29th. It had snowed the day before and I knew the roads were icy. I did my best to drive safely, but black ice doesn’t care. I slid off the road. Neither the truck or I were hurt, just shaken up. I even made it to my appointment with 2 minutes to spare. But…. Damn that was scary! We ended the month with a trip to Denver to see my podiatrist and our daughter Morgan. It was a good day.

February.Β  First weekend was the big CASB Board of Director’s retreat up in Florissant. Dan drove me up as I was still a bit shaky about driving. It was a good weekend, and Dan picked me up afterwards. He’d been fighting a sinus cold, and I came down with it too. Ugh. It took a week to get over.

We had another visit with Lurch the cardiac doctor. He’s still amazed that Dan breathes…. Gahhh! It was a bleeding ulcer, not a heart attack! Oh, and we saw the GI doctor yesterday. He gave Dan the all clear to get the stent done! Now to get that scheduled!

More later! I’ve a baby quilt to finish!

Labor Day

Normally we’d be up in the mountains at Battlemoor. This year it was in July, so we have had “time at home”. Considering the hectic chaos of August, it’s probably a good thing. We’ve spent most of the last week juggling things from room to room, trying to decide where a painting or basket or pile of X goes.

Today I finished the last of the linen cupboard items, adding nearly half a bag of stuff to the ARC pile. (the local thrift shop) We have 99% of the art hung, and I spent this morning reorganizing the knick-knacks. I have a number of my mom’s carved cottonwoodΒ  Tarahumaran dolls now to put with my Navaho dolls.

This afternoon, I made tomato soup with all the tomatoes I’ve harvested. Most were not “pretty”, but oh the soup! I added onions and garlic and garnished with fresh basil. I made zucchini and cheese cakes too. Sort of toasted cheese style. Yum. My two gardens have been producing well. I am really happy that we plowed up the front yard and turned it into Squash Central. πŸ™‚ I will be doing the same next year with more variety. I want to build some trellises for peas and runner beans.

Next Saturday sees us at Fall Crown Tournament. The SCA will be chosing a new king or queen by right of arms. I’m cooking the luncheon. Aieee!

A Passage and new beginnings

Early Thursday morning, my mom passed away in her sleep. About two weeks previous to that we had started home hospice care, so we knew it wouldn’t be long, but we had not realized that she would go so quickly. In her own fashion she told us she was ready to go, and did so. Her mom had done a similar thing many years ago. Checked into hospice and was gone in less than a week.

It has been almost six years since Dan and I started to be my parents caregivers. Little things, like hiking with Dad, driving them to Pueblo and on longer trips. When Dad began to have issues with dementia, we stepped up. At his death, we moved in with my mom and life went on from there. That was 3 1/2 years ago. Mom was always surprised that he went first. Over time, her health deteriorated. She had pneumonia, broke her hip, and began to have memory issues. The last 18 months have been busy challenging and at times frustrating. Getting old is not for sissies!

We knew that we would have to start thinking ahead. Over the last month, we had been moving more and more of our stuff out of my mom’s house in preparation for when she passed. Sort of a reversal of the process started in 2015. Now my sister and I are working on going through two lifetimes of ‘stuff’at the house. Some of it important, and some of it makes us laugh. The ARC (local charity shop), and the trash company may hate the sight of us by the end of it all, but it will help us grieve too. (what do you do with a box full of little toy VW Bugs?)

I will miss my mom.

We also see this as a new beginning. Dan has a good job, we have our beautiful house and new adventures on the horizon. We are ‘free’ for the first time in years, with the only constraint on our activities being of our own making. It will take getting use to. I love and miss my parents. They gave me so much. I’m glad we were able to be there for them. Now it’s time for us.


I’m a little more timely. It’s only been three months. A very busy three months.

May: We had a birthday picnic in the park for my grandson Talon. The guys finished the roof on the main house! We have a weather station on top, and a wire based red ribbon. πŸ™‚Β  We’ve done lots and lots of yard work. All the landscaping rocks were dug up, restored or moved to a new location. Wheee! Made a tool box and planted a clothesline.

A&S every Wednesday, Fighter practices on Sundays and a few extra classes on Saturdays.

Graduations! For the first time in six years, I did not hand out diplomas. Sherry as the new board president got to do the job. It was nice to sit back and just watch for once. I missed Gardner’s for the first time in ages because my mom went into hospital with pneumonia. Managed Peakview’s. Union negotiations went well, and took less than two hours.

Our county was declared one of seven in Colorado to be in the grips of extreme drought. 😦

June: Dan was hired by the school district as an IT Specialist. πŸ™‚ Board meetings, CASB BoD meeting and lots of stuff to get ready for the next year.

Lots of SCA stuff as usual. Last month before Battlemoor! Sewing, shopping, baking, planning and packing, gah!

I started riding my bike. Only the first time in um… way too many years. Biggest issue… slight vertigo. I’m working on it. (oh, and no muscles!!! I can walk forever, but..)

June 27th… The beginnings of the Spring Fire. Oh what a mess. Dan and Manuel worked to support the fire fighters. 😦

July: Battlemoor! We left on the 2nd and came back on the 8th. It was wonderful, busy and fun. Well, most of it. We did have a Crown Prince die. Dan was once again First Aid. He and his deputy did everything, but sigh…Β  We attended an SCA event, Thynnair Pas de Arms a week later. 14th century clothes no less! It was lovely. I also hosted a Fighter Practice Tournament. πŸ™‚

My aunt, uncle and cousin came to visit. Lovely. πŸ™‚


Spring Fire. Still raged most of the month. Dan went back to helping with communications. Last stats, 91% contained. 108,045 acres burned. 2nd largest in the state. 😦

We got paid, paid bills, and went shopping! We bought new clothes and relaxed.Β  Our SCA household held a party, the Hawaiian Open. Lots of good food, drinks and miniature golf. πŸ™‚ I got a hole in one! πŸ™‚

And… I am going to try once more to move my blog. Last time didn’t work so well. I’ll holler when I have success.


I keep thinking I’ll get back to doing this on a regular basis. Every 4 months is a regular basis, right? Sigh…

As always, lots of Arts & Sciences on Wednesdays. Fighter practice on Sunday’s as weather permits. I’ve been doing a lot of sewing, and general craft stuff. πŸ™‚ Refinished a lovely table and made a wood working space in the Studio.Β  School board meetings, lots of school educational things and working on the house. Oh, and many meetings of the Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Fest Board. We have moved the date up by a week. Now for the highlights…

January:Β Doctor visits for my mom as her hip healed and general running around.

Vinking Vinter Vunderland was a hoot! Plus, I got my apprentice belt from Duchess Selene of the Sky. πŸ™‚ (happy Dance!)

We drove to Denver, had lunch with Morgan and spent the rest of the afternoon at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Ahhh.

CASB Board of Director’s conference up in Florissant. Lovely time.

Started to work on replacing the roof.

February: Discovered how to bring winter back to Colorado. Try to replace your roof. We have had a hell of a time. No contractor wanting to touch the 35 Ft mast on the roof. Or, we’ve had people say they’d come help and never show. Finally, Dan and our friend Ben have been doing the work with the help of 2-3 other people. Almost never the same bunch at the same time. Oh, and in between 65mph winds, snow and other fun.

Our school district dealt with a ‘creditable threat’ to our students by closing down for two school days until the person turned themselves in. Scary because just a few days later the school shooting in Florida took place.

Dealt with sewer issues. Gahhhh! Our sewers in town need a real good clean out. It took over a week to stop sewage flowing into the house. 😦

It snowed enough for Saydee to play in it. She was Sooooo excited.

I went to the CASB Winter Legislative conference. Afterwards, I took a trip up to Cheyenne to see my son Erin and his family. πŸ™‚

March: More roofing! Dan and Ben are exhausted most days. Lots of trips to the dump with asphalt and cedar shingles.

We had friends from Woodland Park visit. Lots of A&S discussions, and just good conversation. Ahhhh.

A CASB Board of Director’s meeting and a Tri-Board meeting between Aguilar, Huerfano RE-1 and La Veta. πŸ™‚ It was a good meeting!

Mom had pneumonia again, but it was caught early on this time. Phew!


Lots of house improvements. Curtain rods and Curtains!!!! I only have one window lacking the curtains needed. πŸ™‚ I reorganized the Studio as well. πŸ™‚

Weather. Oh has it been weird. 70 one day, 35 the next with 2 inches of snow. The roof is almost done.

O the 22nd, Earth Day, Ben, Dan and I did the Lathrop park cleanup. It’s in honor of my dad who was a volunteer out there who died on Earth Day.

Yesterday, the 28th was Denfender and the Baronial Birthday for Aarquelle. It was a lovely event and nice weather. Ben fought, Dan fixed boo-boos and I just relaxed. πŸ™‚

Happy 2018!

Once again, life blew my time. Let’s see if I can do a quick synopsis of the last bit of 2017.

November: Wow… Elections. It took us 3 weeks to get the results for the school board. We have two returning board members and one new one. Gretchen Orr, my cousin. πŸ™‚ On my birthday, we went to the movies (Thor Ragnarok), out to dinner and I got a lovely sweater. Lots of SCA stuff. Arts & Sciences, fighter practices and a Folkmoot in the park, a brief trip to the Holiday Fair, a garbathon where we sorted loaner garb, attended the Gathering: The Last Pillage Before Winter,Β  and did a lot of embroidery on a bespoke dress. We took a trip to IKEA and shopped for office stuff, kitchen bits and bits for Saydee. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Thanksgiving Day.

December: CASB’s 77th Conference. This was really great at there were 4 board members from Huerfano RE-1! As a CASB Director, I got to do a bit more “behind the scenes stuff”. Helped with break out sessions, etc. As always, I learned a lot. Sadly though, I came home with the flu! Gah! First time in probably 12-14 years that I’ve been that sick. That was Sunday.

On Friday, we went to Pueblo. As we were heading home, we got a call. My mom had fallen and broken her hip. It wasn’t a bad break, and she was out of the hospital in Pueblo in a week. She spent a week at the hospital in Walsenburg, and was home December 22nd. We put in a new sink in the bathroom so that Mom could navigate better. It’s smaller. My sister came down for a week too. We celebrated Christmas with a lovely dinner.

Meanwhile, the school board had a retreat/workshop and a holiday party on the same day. It snowed on Solstice. I finished the bespoke dress. We went to Arts & Sciences, Fighter practice, a holiday party at the Tegan’s. December 30th was the SCA Yoolis party. It was a hoot. Good food, friends and conversation. I got a portable closet and Dan got a horn. We stayed home on New Year’s Eve. Stayed up until 1:45 and then crawled in bed.


Happy Halloween!

It’s been a busy month. It should have been an easy one, but… well… as some who know me well, that never happens. When last I wrote, it was just about to snow. It did. Not much, but enough to kill off the last of the roses. 😦 Then it warmed up again. 70’s! In fact, it’s been very weird weather. 70’s, 40’s, 80’s, 30’s. Sunday it was 75. Yesterday it was 34 and snowing. Today we are suppose to hit 60. Still waiting for that, as I sit next to the heater.

So, what went on this month? Lots of embroidery work. Why? Well… Queen’s Prize. That was on October 22nd, up in Denver. It’s an SCA event where the crafty people show off what they can do at an Arts & Sciences display. I’m pictured up above with my hand sewn and embroidered Skjoldhamm hood, a Viking apron and my hand carved nalbinding needles and an awl that I made. Much to my surprise, I was one of the five winners of the Queen’s Prize. Yes, her Majesty walks around, judges and awards prizes. Two other winners were from Aarquelle too. (our barony) It was a lovely cap to a good weekend. The previous day, we had Stag’s Con, a day of classes on how to be an officer, run an event, etc. Lots of good information.

As for the rest of the month, when I wasn’t embroidering, I did some writing, attended a variety of meetings, sewed patches on the band uniform to hide the old school name, and went to the CASB Fall Delegate Assembly. This is the meeting where we work on what we what to present to our legislators for the coming legislative session. Things like ‘no more testing’, more funding, better treatment for rural schools and oh yes, more funding. As a state, we are almost at the bottom of the barrel for funding education. (48th?) Plus it is election season. We will have new board members. Three seats are open, and I’m hoping for the best. We also heard from 9 of the gubernatorial candidates. Some of them had NO CLUE. you don’t talk to a bunch of school board members about Backpack funding, charter schools or how good Betsy DeVos is for education! Gah!

After the CASB meeting, I went down to Stag’s Emprise in Castle Rock. Lots of fighting and good conversation. It was a nice way to relax after all the political stuff. Dan and I had a trip to Boulder to talk with lawyers about the graphene business, and on the way home we visited IKEA. πŸ™‚ Ah… shopping therapy.

This of course meant that I was able to organize my studio. I had things to put stuff in! πŸ™‚ I put away all the fabric needed for the various projects I’d been working on, organized the balls and balls of yarn and actually found the table top. Good thing, as I have a bespoke apron dress in the works. Red wool for a friend of mine in Southwest Colorado.

Sunday we went to see Jared Polis, who is running for governor. He’s a good man, and I hope things go well for him. He will most likely have my vote unless some fantastic candidate runs.

For the rest of the day, I’m going to sew, cruise the net and decide whether I am going to participate in NaNoWriMo. Oh, and hand out candy to kids this evening. I’ve got my black dress, stripy socks and hat on!

Sunny and warm…

For a few more hours. We are due to have a severe weather shift by tonight. nearly 80F today and tomorrow will top out at 34F with snow. Tuesday lows of 26F and by Thursday we are back in the 70’s. Gahhh!

So, we went up to Pueblo for fighter practice. Lovely time in Mineral Palace Park. Lots of sun, good company and oh… SUN. Tonight I will cover my garden and hope it doesn’t get too cold. I have no idea how much snow we will get either. Maybe as much as 5 inches.

I’m not ready for snow. 😦 I have a school board meeting tomorrow. Nothing really heavy on the agenda, which is a good thing. Other than that, I intend to stay warm and write, sew, watch the flakes fall. (snow flakes, not politicians!) We will see how Saydee likes snow as well.

Guess I should go bring in the hoses…

This is becoming a bad habit

Falling off the blogverse that is. Granted, I’m not as bad as a friend of mine that forgot about her blog for ummm… 4 years? It’s been a busy few months. I’m trying to catch up and hope to keep this current.

July: A wet month. No real garden work, as it was simply too muddy. I’ve been working on the little side garden, a 4 x 30 ft plot. My Aunt Toni, Uncle Karl and cousin Kristopher visited. We moved Morgan from Ft. Collins to Denver. My computer had some more hiccups and I did a lot of sewing. One bespoke undertunic and a KAOS gift. Rapier Camp was mid July. A bit damp, but overall, a good time. Saydee did well with all the people.

August: Preparations for the 207-2018 school year invaded my summer. We changed the hours and added a bus route. We attended Battlemoor VIII which was fantastic. I ended up running the Fiber Tent and Dan worked First Aid. He and two others saved a woman’s life and were rewarded with the Legion of Gallantry award. (Wow) Our Elementary School, Peakview, came off the 5 yr Turnaround Clock and we celebrated! We also drove up into Wyoming and saw the total Eclipse!!!! Wow! It was a LONG drive home, but so worth it. Oh, and we even had time for some house repair… redid a few walls and painted the basement stairwell.

September: We no sooner got home from Battlemoor than life ran us over. Lots of meetings for school, business and other activities. It’s an election year for school boards and there are 3 seats open. We’re having a candidate night, and there are two CASB events.Β  The Celtic Music Fest was Sept 21-24th. It was a wild wonderful time. Old Blind Dogs and lots of old favourites. September 30th was Defender. This is an SCA event that I co-autocrated. The contests held decided the Defender (champion) in Heavy and Rapier fighting, Archery, Arts &Sciences and Bardic events. I was the winner of the Bardic competition with a story about the Frost King. I also was made a Companion of the Order of Osorio’s Heart. This is a service award. We had company from Europe to discuss business, and we attended a Homecoming Pep Rally and football game. My mom turned 81 and Dan turned 53.

October. Two days in and 5 meetings done. Busy month ahead!