I keep thinking I’ll get back to doing this on a regular basis. Every 4 months is a regular basis, right? Sigh…

As always, lots of Arts & Sciences on Wednesdays. Fighter practice on Sunday’s as weather permits. I’ve been doing a lot of sewing, and general craft stuff. 🙂 Refinished a lovely table and made a wood working space in the Studio.  School board meetings, lots of school educational things and working on the house. Oh, and many meetings of the Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Fest Board. We have moved the date up by a week. Now for the highlights…

January: Doctor visits for my mom as her hip healed and general running around.

Vinking Vinter Vunderland was a hoot! Plus, I got my apprentice belt from Duchess Selene of the Sky. 🙂 (happy Dance!)

We drove to Denver, had lunch with Morgan and spent the rest of the afternoon at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Ahhh.

CASB Board of Director’s conference up in Florissant. Lovely time.

Started to work on replacing the roof.

February: Discovered how to bring winter back to Colorado. Try to replace your roof. We have had a hell of a time. No contractor wanting to touch the 35 Ft mast on the roof. Or, we’ve had people say they’d come help and never show. Finally, Dan and our friend Ben have been doing the work with the help of 2-3 other people. Almost never the same bunch at the same time. Oh, and in between 65mph winds, snow and other fun.

Our school district dealt with a ‘creditable threat’ to our students by closing down for two school days until the person turned themselves in. Scary because just a few days later the school shooting in Florida took place.

Dealt with sewer issues. Gahhhh! Our sewers in town need a real good clean out. It took over a week to stop sewage flowing into the house. 😦

It snowed enough for Saydee to play in it. She was Sooooo excited.

I went to the CASB Winter Legislative conference. Afterwards, I took a trip up to Cheyenne to see my son Erin and his family. 🙂

March: More roofing! Dan and Ben are exhausted most days. Lots of trips to the dump with asphalt and cedar shingles.

We had friends from Woodland Park visit. Lots of A&S discussions, and just good conversation. Ahhhh.

A CASB Board of Director’s meeting and a Tri-Board meeting between Aguilar, Huerfano RE-1 and La Veta. 🙂 It was a good meeting!

Mom had pneumonia again, but it was caught early on this time. Phew!


Lots of house improvements. Curtain rods and Curtains!!!! I only have one window lacking the curtains needed. 🙂 I reorganized the Studio as well. 🙂

Weather. Oh has it been weird. 70 one day, 35 the next with 2 inches of snow. The roof is almost done.

O the 22nd, Earth Day, Ben, Dan and I did the Lathrop park cleanup. It’s in honor of my dad who was a volunteer out there who died on Earth Day.

Yesterday, the 28th was Denfender and the Baronial Birthday for Aarquelle. It was a lovely event and nice weather. Ben fought, Dan fixed boo-boos and I just relaxed. 🙂


Happy 2018!

Once again, life blew my time. Let’s see if I can do a quick synopsis of the last bit of 2017.

November: Wow… Elections. It took us 3 weeks to get the results for the school board. We have two returning board members and one new one. Gretchen Orr, my cousin. 🙂 On my birthday, we went to the movies (Thor Ragnarok), out to dinner and I got a lovely sweater. Lots of SCA stuff. Arts & Sciences, fighter practices and a Folkmoot in the park, a brief trip to the Holiday Fair, a garbathon where we sorted loaner garb, attended the Gathering: The Last Pillage Before Winter,  and did a lot of embroidery on a bespoke dress. We took a trip to IKEA and shopped for office stuff, kitchen bits and bits for Saydee. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Thanksgiving Day.

December: CASB’s 77th Conference. This was really great at there were 4 board members from Huerfano RE-1! As a CASB Director, I got to do a bit more “behind the scenes stuff”. Helped with break out sessions, etc. As always, I learned a lot. Sadly though, I came home with the flu! Gah! First time in probably 12-14 years that I’ve been that sick. That was Sunday.

On Friday, we went to Pueblo. As we were heading home, we got a call. My mom had fallen and broken her hip. It wasn’t a bad break, and she was out of the hospital in Pueblo in a week. She spent a week at the hospital in Walsenburg, and was home December 22nd. We put in a new sink in the bathroom so that Mom could navigate better. It’s smaller. My sister came down for a week too. We celebrated Christmas with a lovely dinner.

Meanwhile, the school board had a retreat/workshop and a holiday party on the same day. It snowed on Solstice. I finished the bespoke dress. We went to Arts & Sciences, Fighter practice, a holiday party at the Tegan’s. December 30th was the SCA Yoolis party. It was a hoot. Good food, friends and conversation. I got a portable closet and Dan got a horn. We stayed home on New Year’s Eve. Stayed up until 1:45 and then crawled in bed.


Happy Halloween!

It’s been a busy month. It should have been an easy one, but… well… as some who know me well, that never happens. When last I wrote, it was just about to snow. It did. Not much, but enough to kill off the last of the roses. 😦 Then it warmed up again. 70’s! In fact, it’s been very weird weather. 70’s, 40’s, 80’s, 30’s. Sunday it was 75. Yesterday it was 34 and snowing. Today we are suppose to hit 60. Still waiting for that, as I sit next to the heater.

So, what went on this month? Lots of embroidery work. Why? Well… Queen’s Prize. That was on October 22nd, up in Denver. It’s an SCA event where the crafty people show off what they can do at an Arts & Sciences display. I’m pictured up above with my hand sewn and embroidered Skjoldhamm hood, a Viking apron and my hand carved nalbinding needles and an awl that I made. Much to my surprise, I was one of the five winners of the Queen’s Prize. Yes, her Majesty walks around, judges and awards prizes. Two other winners were from Aarquelle too. (our barony) It was a lovely cap to a good weekend. The previous day, we had Stag’s Con, a day of classes on how to be an officer, run an event, etc. Lots of good information.

As for the rest of the month, when I wasn’t embroidering, I did some writing, attended a variety of meetings, sewed patches on the band uniform to hide the old school name, and went to the CASB Fall Delegate Assembly. This is the meeting where we work on what we what to present to our legislators for the coming legislative session. Things like ‘no more testing’, more funding, better treatment for rural schools and oh yes, more funding. As a state, we are almost at the bottom of the barrel for funding education. (48th?) Plus it is election season. We will have new board members. Three seats are open, and I’m hoping for the best. We also heard from 9 of the gubernatorial candidates. Some of them had NO CLUE. you don’t talk to a bunch of school board members about Backpack funding, charter schools or how good Betsy DeVos is for education! Gah!

After the CASB meeting, I went down to Stag’s Emprise in Castle Rock. Lots of fighting and good conversation. It was a nice way to relax after all the political stuff. Dan and I had a trip to Boulder to talk with lawyers about the graphene business, and on the way home we visited IKEA. 🙂 Ah… shopping therapy.

This of course meant that I was able to organize my studio. I had things to put stuff in! 🙂 I put away all the fabric needed for the various projects I’d been working on, organized the balls and balls of yarn and actually found the table top. Good thing, as I have a bespoke apron dress in the works. Red wool for a friend of mine in Southwest Colorado.

Sunday we went to see Jared Polis, who is running for governor. He’s a good man, and I hope things go well for him. He will most likely have my vote unless some fantastic candidate runs.

For the rest of the day, I’m going to sew, cruise the net and decide whether I am going to participate in NaNoWriMo. Oh, and hand out candy to kids this evening. I’ve got my black dress, stripy socks and hat on!

Sunny and warm…

For a few more hours. We are due to have a severe weather shift by tonight. nearly 80F today and tomorrow will top out at 34F with snow. Tuesday lows of 26F and by Thursday we are back in the 70’s. Gahhh!

So, we went up to Pueblo for fighter practice. Lovely time in Mineral Palace Park. Lots of sun, good company and oh… SUN. Tonight I will cover my garden and hope it doesn’t get too cold. I have no idea how much snow we will get either. Maybe as much as 5 inches.

I’m not ready for snow. 😦 I have a school board meeting tomorrow. Nothing really heavy on the agenda, which is a good thing. Other than that, I intend to stay warm and write, sew, watch the flakes fall. (snow flakes, not politicians!) We will see how Saydee likes snow as well.

Guess I should go bring in the hoses…

This is becoming a bad habit

Falling off the blogverse that is. Granted, I’m not as bad as a friend of mine that forgot about her blog for ummm… 4 years? It’s been a busy few months. I’m trying to catch up and hope to keep this current.

July: A wet month. No real garden work, as it was simply too muddy. I’ve been working on the little side garden, a 4 x 30 ft plot. My Aunt Toni, Uncle Karl and cousin Kristopher visited. We moved Morgan from Ft. Collins to Denver. My computer had some more hiccups and I did a lot of sewing. One bespoke undertunic and a KAOS gift. Rapier Camp was mid July. A bit damp, but overall, a good time. Saydee did well with all the people.

August: Preparations for the 207-2018 school year invaded my summer. We changed the hours and added a bus route. We attended Battlemoor VIII which was fantastic. I ended up running the Fiber Tent and Dan worked First Aid. He and two others saved a woman’s life and were rewarded with the Legion of Gallantry award. (Wow) Our Elementary School, Peakview, came off the 5 yr Turnaround Clock and we celebrated! We also drove up into Wyoming and saw the total Eclipse!!!! Wow! It was a LONG drive home, but so worth it. Oh, and we even had time for some house repair… redid a few walls and painted the basement stairwell.

September: We no sooner got home from Battlemoor than life ran us over. Lots of meetings for school, business and other activities. It’s an election year for school boards and there are 3 seats open. We’re having a candidate night, and there are two CASB events.  The Celtic Music Fest was Sept 21-24th. It was a wild wonderful time. Old Blind Dogs and lots of old favourites. September 30th was Defender. This is an SCA event that I co-autocrated. The contests held decided the Defender (champion) in Heavy and Rapier fighting, Archery, Arts &Sciences and Bardic events. I was the winner of the Bardic competition with a story about the Frost King. I also was made a Companion of the Order of Osorio’s Heart. This is a service award. We had company from Europe to discuss business, and we attended a Homecoming Pep Rally and football game. My mom turned 81 and Dan turned 53.

October. Two days in and 5 meetings done. Busy month ahead!

I fell off the Blog!

Yes, it is now JULY. I’ve been busy, and feel like life ran over me. I started this post a month ago… What stalled me? My mom got pneumonia, and spent 11 days in hospital. Since she got out, we’ve been playing catch up on a grand scale. Lots of meetings. Lots of crazy weather. Time for a synopsis…

January: SCA Yoolis Party in Pueblo.  January 1st was the 1 year anniversary of us being in the house at 203 Walsen. I attended the CASB Board of Directors retreat which was great. Our pipes froze and destroyed the kitchen sink taps. We fixed things with help from friends. Viking Vinter Vunderlad!!! I cooked the feast and received an award. I am now a Companion of the Argent Hart. The event was awesome. We visited my son and family in Cheyenne. Lots of school issues too. We have a failing school to get back on track. Sewage, cable and weather issues drove us nuts. Lots of snow (10+ inches) and WIND! We lost our roof when the winds topped 100 mph.

February: Attended the CASB Winter Legislative Conference. Did a lot of school orientated work. I refurbished a sewing trunk I’ve had for 38 years. Dealt with more snow and icy conditions, and got to start work in the garden when it warmed up. Worked on the house doing electrical work, painting and replacing heater panels, and assessing more winter damage. I organized our tool room too.

March: Dan and I attended the National School Board Conference as it was in Denver this year. It was a lot of fun. After the conference, we went to the Viking Exhibit at the Museum of Natural History and Science. Wow! It was fantastic. Oh, and more crazy weather. 80 one day and 33 the next with nearly a foot of snow. Mustn’t forget the meetings… OMG!  (school board, CASB board, and a zillion others) We did start a new group though… Huerfano County United. It’s for all of us who want to see change in the county. Big one… my computer died. Dan gave it CPR, and I was back up in about two days. Lots of yard work, trash dump runs, hemmed curtains, two truck loads to the ARC, and more house work.

April: A busy SCA month. It started with Kingdom Arts & Sciences Collegium. We took classes and had a great time. Aarquelle became a Barony. (SCA stuff) We attended the event in Pueblo which almost got canceled due to the snow!( 12inches+) I made the kneelers for the Barony. We have started to go back to fighter practices and Arts & Science nights in Pueblo. Celebrated the 2nd anniversary of my dad’s death by cleaning up Lathrop State Park on April 22nd. And… we had HCU, school board and all sorts of other meetings.

May: The crazy month. Three graduations, a trip to stand before the State Board of Education, negotiations, and lots of meetings. Spring Coronation in Colorado Springs. Wonderful Event. Discussed the future of our shire, Villaleon with the King. We have decided to become part of the Barony of Aarquelle.  The rain held off until the last tournament. 🙂 Hail! Just when we thought the last of the crazy weather was over. (rain, flooding, etc.) I rolled my ankle/foot. Ouch! Garden work… Lots of it as weather permitted. Best of all, we got Saydee. She’s a rescue dog. Pure bred German Shepherd. She failed military training and was abused. She is the sweetest dog.

June: More negotiations with the teacher’s union. We thought we had it all figured out, but… it took one more time. We attended the 103rd Ludlow Memorial Service. It wasn’t heavily attended, but still good. Garden work… I gave up on the big garden. The weather and all the dreck of life just made it impossible. So, I have a small garden. Now to see if the weather let’s it live. Mom in and out of hospital. Scary. CASB board of directors meeting, final judgement from the State Board of Education, lots of meetings, workshops and issues for the district. We picked up 20+ bags of trash off of a mile of highway with the HCU group.


The electric company men showed up around 9am. By noon, we had power! Wheeee! They still want us to upgrade the inner wiring, but that will have to wait a bit.

We called the City about the sewer line issue. We finally got them to come out to the house. The sewer has been almost as much of an issue as the electricity. After the looking at the various cleanouts, they decided that it was our neighbor’s line that was clogging things up. (gee!) So, Dan will be cleaning out the lines on Thursday. 😦 Poor guy.

And… The cable company that provides our internet will be at the house on Thursday as well. The electrical wires burned 1/2 way through the internet cable. We have sketchy internet, and there was a lot of “noise” on the line.

As of January 1st, we will have been in possession of the house a whole year. We have about 85% of the repairs done. With more funding, we will finally be able to finish up the last of the repairs.

On New Year’s Eve, we are attending a party. An SCA Yoolis party. We are both looking forward to it.

Almost the end of the year

December has been a busy month. It started out with electrical work, and it looks as it will be ending with it as well. (more on that at the end) December 2nd, the electrical company had a scheduled power outage. It was a little hectic as Mom is on oxygen, but we survived. I had a few meetings too.

The next week was the annual Colorado Association of School Boards Winter Conference. It’s held at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Dan and I went up a day early as the Pre-Conference started at 7:30am. The first day was busy and ended with the Delegate Conference. I ran for the CASB Board of Directors. This time, I made it!


The rest of the conference went well, and we got home on Sunday only to get ready for another busy week. Dan has been working in Trinidad, and I’ve been working on a bespoke tunic. Lots of embroidery work. We had a long board meeting and preparations for the holidays.

Wednesday was Dentist day. I had four teeth pulled and Dan had a deep cleaning and a filling done. I wasn’t happy about it, but the broken tooth I lost about a year ago damaged my jaw. Argh. In two weeks, they will fit me for a partial. I finally rid of a tooth that has been broken for nearly 20 years too! On the 16th, the wind howled. A gust hit the Tiny Viking Longhouse and blew it apart. 😦


The next day it snowed. We got at least a foot of powdery snow.


Yule was spent sewing and attending the Gardner School Holiday program. It was really good. The 12 days of Christmas was a riot. We were suppose to have a holiday party with the school district, but it was canceled because inclement weather. Funny part is that while the weather was bad in the morning, by dinner time it was just fine.

We picked Morgan up in Colorado Springs and my sister and her husband came down from Littleton. They are staying at Mom’s, so we’ve been sleeping at the Walsen house. Christmas Eve dinner was rigatoni. We took a break from tradition and had tacos and tamales for dinner on Christmas Day. I made sopapillas for dessert. Bill and Morgan had to work today, so they headed north after dinner. My sister Lori is staying down here for a few days.

Now for that other electrical issue. The last few days have been windy. Christmas Eve was windy. Christmas morning was worse. 45 mph winds with gusts up to 65 mph. We were getting ready to head over to Mom’s when the power blinked. It blinked again. I called Mom to see if her power was out, as she is on oxygen. I just started to talk to my sister when Dan yelled for me to call 911, as the power lines to the house had snapped. Oh Shit! 

We called 911, and they said that they would call the electric company. We were to watch the one wire from a distance, and if there were sparks, to call again and request the fire department. We waited and watched the wires. 30 minutes later, the sparks started flying as the one wire had wrapped around the two remaining wires. The fire department and the police were there in under 10 minutes. No sign of the electrical company.

We stood outside in the 45 mph winds watching the wires. We were afraid of the big tree catching fire. The wires pass through a cut back area of the tree as they reach the house. 30 more minutes pass. The police and fire department make another request. Two hours after the original call, the electrical company shows up.

By this time, Dan is just a little peeved. The electrical worker was a little snarky and asked why Dan hadn’t just done the job, as he knew so much. (Dan is an Electrical Engineer and had started to explain in detail what was happening.) Dan explained why he hadn’t done the electrical company’s job, and then really gave the guy an earfull. Why? Well… About 45 days ago, we’d called the electrical company because we were concerned about the wires. There was insulation missing as they’d been there for at least 50 years. We’d been concerned that in the winds that we’ve been having that the wires would touch and cause either an outage or a fire. The electrical company had come by, looked and said they were fine. That there would be no issues and that they wouldn’t change out the wires until we did an electrical upgrade on the house.

It was the same engineer. He cut the wires and then made arrangements to replace the damaged wires on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed that they do the job right.

And Another Anniversary

You might have guessed if you’d read between the lines a year ago. Or, maybe you didn’t. In April of last year, when my dad died, we watched my mom struggle. We were floored by the lack of rights for a common law marriage partner when my ex died. On the way home that Friday after seeing him, Dan and I had a little discussion. This was a continuation of a long discussion that we’d had before and yet not acted upon. We could hear that clue x 4 swinging in the wind.

Neither of us had ever been bothered by a lack of paper. It just didn’t matter. It didn’t change things. However, on the way home, we discussed that maybe, just maybe that while it didn’t matter to us, on another level it did. Dan looked at me at about Hatchet Ranch on I-25 and said, “Do ya?” I looked at him. “Yeah.” So typical for us.

On Monday, when we were in the Clerk’s Office looking up the legal paperwork for the house, he turned to me again. “Still want to?” “Yes” I replied. So, we did all the paperwork. Signed it and turned it back in to be registered.

And in case you still haven’t figured out what went on… We got married. Today is our first anniversary.

Keep in mind that we’ve been common law for 12 years before that, but… amazing what a little piece of paper can do.

Happy Anniversary!

According to WordPress, this is my 9th anniversary. 🙂 I feel like I’ve been a bit absent of late, but oh life has been busy. In the midst of moving this blog over to a self hosted one, life went sideways. (gee, doesn’t it always?) I was trying not to post too much while I checked to make certain that everything transferred. Silly me.

Then we had company for a week. After that, our SCA event, A Day in the Shire arrived. I will post about that, with pictures. Soon.

Then the elections. I was volunteering with the Democratic party and working to get 3A, our school district mill levy override passed. Election night… We had a school board meeting. I hung out at the Democratic election night event, and ended up coming home around 9:30. We didn’t get any results on local elections until nearly midnight. 3A and 300 (a local issue to remove the police force and have only a sheriff’s department) passed.

The next day, November 9th was my 57th birthday. It was also my great grandparent’s 102nd wedding anniversary.

Life in general has been filled with meetings, dentist and doctor appointments, house repairs (yeah, still…) garden work, working every little job we can for money, and everything else we try to get done. My brain boggles. We had a wind storm on Thursday that actually damaged the Tiny Viking Longhouse and tore off our gate. (5×4!) Thursday was also the One Room School House celebration up in Gardner. Three other SCA members and I visited, as their theme this year was Castles and Knights. It was a great day. Saturday we had a really good shire meeting and fighter practice. Dan even put armor on. He discovered that he really does want to start fighting again. We are going to be making armor over the winter.

Sunday we drove up to Denver and picked up Morgan at her moms. Then we picked up a big cabinet at my sister’s. It now lives in the library full of DVD’s and soon it will have a screen there too.

Today has been a bit strange. A year ago, my ex died and I inherited a house. Wednesday is our 1st wedding anniversary. Thursday is Thanksgiving.

I’m ready to climb into bed and just stay there for a bit.